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I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. — Psalm 139:14

Dayspring Christian Academy strives to provide each student with a Principle Approach education that points each child to Christ. At Dayspring, we see each child as a unique individual, created by a loving Creator, and valued as such. It is because of this that Dayspring has created the P139 program, named for Psalm 139:14, and designed to teach students who require alternative or differentiated methods of instruction, so they may work to their potential. P139 meets a variety of needs including autism spectrum disorder, specific learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and executive functioning challenges (organizational and time management skills), with or without an official diagnosis or public school IEP. P139 provides a Christian alternative to public school special education and is led by experienced and credentialed teachers, trained in meeting the needs of a variety of learners.

Daybreak (academic support)

Students who receive services in this program have mild to moderate learning needs. The focus of this program is to support and/or modify the regular educational curriculum, or to replace subjects within the regular educational curriculum to allow maximum success for the student. All students who receive P139 services in the Daybreak program receive support and monitoring for regular educational subjects, access to the P139 classroom during tests and any regular educational assignments for which they require assistance, access to the P139 classroom during study halls (upper school), and classroom modifications as applicable to their needs. All intervention is driven by the individualized P139 Plan.

Replacement Subjects: Students who fall below a certain academic level, or who will benefit from an alternate method of instruction may qualify for receiving replacement instruction in any subject. Eligibility for replacement subjects is determined by the P139 Plan Team.

  • Eligibility Criteria For Daybreak

    Entry into the P139 program will be determined by the P139 staff (P139 Director and Classroom Teachers), as well on a first come, first-served basis, as there are limited slots available.

  • Referral Process For Daybreak

    Students will be referred to the P139 program either by parents or by teachers. If a parent or teacher feels his or her student may require specialized intervention, a referral form will be completed and sent to the P139 Director. The student will undergo informal testing, and the teachers and parents will be interviewed. If necessary, an official evaluation will be requested from the student’s home school district, the IU13 (free of charge options), or a private service, which may carry a fee. The level of programming will be determined after all of the assessment results are gathered. If it is determined that the student is eligible for services, a P139 plan will be written and a meeting will be held. If it is determined that a student is eligible for the P139 program, a fee will be charged based on the level or type of intervention that is being recommended. Dayspring reserves the right to determine whether or not a child who is referred for P139 can be accommodated if the family declines the recommended services.

  • P139 Plans For Daybreak

    Students enrolled in the P139 program will receive a P139 plan, which will specifically outline their unique educational track. P139 plans will give an overview of the students’ strengths, needs, present levels of performance, and annual goals based on their current performance and a projection of their potential performance. P139 plans will also list specific interventions used to achieve the yearly goals. Progress will be monitored regularly and reported to parents at report card time. New P139 programs will be written yearly and reviewed in the spring at a P139 parent conference.

Ignite (Gifted Learning)

Students in grades six through nine who have an existing GIEP or who are identified as gifted, by demonstrating a full-scale IQ of 130 or above or a subtest of 130 or above* via testing by their home school district, may be enrolled in Dayspring’s Ignite Program. Students in the program will have their curriculum, learning activities, and/or evaluations tailored to their specific learning needs, as appropriate, allowing them to be challenged at higher, more meaningful levels for a greater amount of classroom time than is afforded by regular instructional differentiation. The Ignite Coordinator will provide support in English, History, and Science classes once per cycle on a rotating basis to work one-on-one or in small groups with gifted students or to lend support to the classroom teacher for the express benefit of gifted students. Parents may opt for support only in their child’s specific area of giftedness or in all core classes referenced.

  • Ignite Plans

    Students enrolled in the Ignite Program will receive an Ignite Plan, which will outline their unique educational track. Ignite Plans will give an overview of the students’ strengths, needs, present levels of performance, and annual goals based on their current performance. Ignite plans will also list specific interventions to be used. Progress will be monitored regularly and reported to parents at report card time in the second and fourth quarters. Ignite plans will be reviewed yearly in the spring at an Ignite parent conference.


Students who receive services in this program have been identified through a formal evaluation as academically gifted, or who consistently maintain a 98% or higher grade average. Students in this program must also demonstrate a work ethic that is commensurate with success in the regular educational setting.

Non-Academic Individualized Support

On occasion, students may require support of a non-academic nature. This could include support for behavior, medical issues, or any non-academic need that would require time and intervention from P139 staff.


For more information on our Student Support Services, contact our Admissions Director, Karol Hasting, at 717-285-2000.

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